Corporate Golf Days

Packages can be customised to meet your requirements. It’s essential to align your event’s objectives with its size, format, and the specific needs of your audience. Typically these events will range across, for example:

One-off breakfast meeting for 12-24 staff and clients with a low key vibe. Expect coffees, pastries, space to talk, with relaxed golfing activity for everyone (all standards).

Objectives :

Networking : Facilitate meaningful connections and interactions among staff and clients in a relaxed and informal setting.

Relationship Building : Strengthen relationships with existing clients or prospects.

Low-Key Brand Exposure : Subtly promote your brand and services while maintaining a low-key vibe.

A lunchtime event for two hours with PGA Coaching for Beginners.

Expect catering to your standard, refreshment at the bar, inclusive golfing activity to allow beginners in your group of staff / clients to participate whilst perhaps more experienced players are engaged in an outside activity at a bigger Club.

Objectives :

Skill Development : Provide a platform for beginners to learn golf skills from a professional.

Team Building : Foster teamwork and camaraderie among employees or clients.

Introduction to Golf : Introduce golf as a recreational activity, potentially converting beginners into regular players.

An all-day event for your whole Company and client list where experienced players are active on Wyke Green Golf Club's 18 hole course

All standards including Beginners are included in a whole-site buyout of Golf Rooms for simulator golf including: 18 holes play, longest drive, putting challenges, nearest the pin prizes and more. Expect catering on both sites to your standard, refreshments on both sites at our bars, hospitality and shuttle to bring everyone together for the evening festivities.

Objectives :

Networking and Relationship Building : Create opportunities for staff to network with clients and for clients to interact with your entire company.

Team Building : Encourage bonding among colleagues and clients through team-based activities.

Appreciation : Show appreciation to clients and staff for their support and partnership.

Brand Promotion : Reinforce your brand’s presence and values.

A week-long branding exercise for your local and international staff and clients. Expect a VIP whole-site branding and awareness experience following your brand guidelines.

Specialist contractors wrap every bay and project every screen and wall with your message. Enjoy the highest standard of canapés and hospitality service from our partners and achieve an affordable ‘Mayfair’ experience in West London, just minutes from Heathrow arrivals.


Brand Immersion: Immerse participants in your brand culture, values, and vision.

Global Collaboration: Promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among local and international teams.

Networking and Relationship Strengthening: Enhance relationships between staff and clients on a deeper level.

Strategic Planning: Use the event for strategic planning sessions or workshops.

Market Expansion: Explore opportunities to expand your market and reach new international clients.

Public Relations: Generate positive publicity and media coverage for your brand.

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